How to Become a Successful Architect? Best Tips for You

How to become a successful architect? What should I do to be a good architect? Are there rules for being a better architect? The number of those question can be increased. Today, I want to discuss about being a successful architect, give some tips for your career.

1. Travel Travel Travel

English Conversation About Architec...
English Conversation About Architecture

Every architect want to being better at the design must travel. Wherever you do your job or wherever your school at, you should see other places.

2. Visit Museums

Architecture of Museums always different from other buildings. They have more complex and interesting architecture. Also, museums leaded to architecture revolotion at the history. For examples, the world fairs at 19th century showed to people the innovative materials at architecture many times.

Today, you can see the architecture history from museum structures. They are among the most important buildings that carry the architecture knowledges.

If you don’t know how to become a successful architect you can start by visiting the museums near you.

3. Make Literature Research

This recommendation is not only for being a good architect but also for every job you do. No one can know everything. A new knowledge or product only could be created with enough information that we’ve learned before.

What I want to say if you want to improve your design skills at any subject, you should scan the past projects or studies.

4. Think by Drawing

Drawing is very very important for become a successful architect. When other people get an idea, they such type it to remember later. Unfortunately, this way of thinking prevents to creative ideas. Therefore, architects need to do inspiring methods for creativity. I think, one of the best of these methods is drawing or called in architecture “sketching”.

I recommend to architects they carry a sketchbook with themselves. If you ask me that is drawing necessary at architecture? Read the article about this issue by clicking here.

5. Think by Model Making

Model making also best way to be successful at architecture beside sketching. Some students or architecture studios create their design just with computer programs. This is a terrible mistakes that architects fall into.

I think architectural drawing softwares must only be part of the presentation process. Architect should be able to touch the model. Touching feel is give us oppurtinity to comunication with the project.

Today’s world are based on sense of sight. Billboards, eye-pleasing buildings, huge skyscrapers etc. This leads to a world where is not people-driven. So, we should activate our others senses. It will help us enable imagination skills at the projects.

6. Criticize Projects and Works

Teachers criticize the student’s works since the first day of the architecture education until the graduation project. In this way, students learn their errors at the project and learn new though about their project.

If you a slothful person and wonder about the ways of how to be a successful architect, making criticism is just for you.

In brief, I gave 6 advise for architects or architecture students:

  • Travel
  • Visit museums
  • Make research
  • Make drawings
  • Make models
  • Critique every projects

7. Share Your Knowledges to Become a Successful Architect

Architects should write. If you want to type about architecture and don’t know where can you share them, I have a suggest for you. You can write at Archeetect. Please visit contact page for apply.

Don’t forget to share your advises on comment area below.

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