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Balance in architecture

Balance in Architecture: Achieving Harmony

Balance is one of the most important principles in architecture design as it helps architects create unique structures in terms of both functionality and visuality. There are different types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and...
How to become a successful architect? Best tips for architects.

How to Become a Successful Architect? Best 12 Tips for Architects

Every architect, including both students and fresh graduates, has certain questions in mind for their future career in architecture. How to become a successful architect? What should I do to be a good architect?...
List of best A1 printer

Best A1 Printer for Large Format Printing Needs | 2023

If you work in some industries like architecture, engineering and graphic design, you probably need big printers for larger format prints. The most common product to meet large format printing needs is generally an...
The list of most famous buildings in Rome

25 Most Famous Buildings in Rome

Rome has always been the focal point of the western world, with its architectural masterpieces and impressive landmarks built throughout history, from ancient Roman Empire to modern times. If one day you are going...
What is Brutalist architecture, examples of brutalist architecture

Brutalist Architecture Style Examples & Characteristics

A structure that is designed no mather what its movement is, if it reveals the idea behind it with a good architectural language and successful expression, it always holds its authority and continues to defend itself against every criticisms. Thus, it also makes it possible to find supporters in every period. As a matter of fact, the successful works of Brutalism are still among the most inspired, referenced and visited structures.
Alternative career paths for architecture

10 Alternative Careers in Architecture & Design

Architecture may turn into a well-paid profession for you if you are a senior architect or a project manager. However, many fresh graduates or idealist architects don't prefer to pursue their professional careers in...
Cities: Skylines is one of the top city builder games on PC

10 Best City-Building Games | Build & Grow

Building a city and developing it generally takes decades in the real world. But imagine that you are the mayor, city planner and architect of that city and you have enough money as well...
The list of most famous buildings in the world

22 Most Famous Buildings in the World & Their Architects

The history of architecture has given away us impressive presents in the course of time. While some of them have been very famous architectural structures, most of them have vanished. In this article, we...
How to do freelancing in architecture?

Freelancing in Architecture | Best Websites for Freelance Architects

Fresh graduate from B.Arch and want to do your own job? Or, are you tired of working on someone's office for small amount of wage? Even further, do you wonder that can an architect...
Photography for Olympic Sculpture Park as an example of cantilever design in reinforced concrete structures

Cantilever in Architecture | Great Architecture Cantilever Examples

Architectural designs are not only influenced by the genius of architects, but also closely linked with developing technologies. Building materials produced in the light of these new technologies have given architects the opportunity to...