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How to do freelancing in architecture?

Freelancing in Architecture | Best Websites for Freelance Architects

Fresh graduate from B.Arch and want to do your own job? Or, are you tired of working on someone's office for small amount of wage? Even further, do you wonder that can an architect...
Photography for Olympic Sculpture Park as an example of cantilever design in reinforced concrete structures

Cantilever in Architecture | Great Architecture Cantilever Examples

Architectural designs are not only influenced by the genius of architects, but also closely linked with developing technologies. Building materials produced in the light of these new technologies have given architects the opportunity to...
5 points of architecture by modernist architect Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier’s 5 Points of Architecture & Modern Examples

Le Corbusier is one of the most important actors of the 20th century and the history of architecture. The world-famous modernist architect Le Corbusier listed 5 principles on which he would base his building...
Bartlett School of Architecture among the best architecture schools in the world

25 Best Architecture Schools in the World | QS Ranks

Although it is not necessary to go to the best schools to be a good architect, the architectural education in these schools can make you start a few steps ahead at your professional life....
Best free software for architectural design

Best 9 Free Software for Architectural Design in 2022

We had wrote an article about the architectural design softwares and explained the programs most used by architects, before. These included 2D and 3D drawing, BIM and parametric design programs, as well as visualization...
Best websites on architecture list

19 Best Websites on Architecture Useful for Architects

Every architects wants to increase his/her professional culture and to proceed the development. We mentioned in our article Being a Successful Architect that there is more than one way to do this. One of...
Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture | Strategies and Examples

What Is Sustainable Architecture? We started to feel the effects of climate change more and more lately. These effects show us that we need to act immediately. Especially the architectural structures that provide us shelter,...
Best architectural programs

Best Architectural Programs – Architectural Drawing Softwares

We all always see cool architects drawing with t-ruler on TV serials. However, you should not get taken in by these serials. If you choose architecture profession without a well research on the architecture...
What is orientalism in architecture?

What is Orientalism? Orientalism Effect on Architecture

Orientalism can be defined as Western society’s view of East. It is a movement born from Western researchers studying East in every sense. This movement has been effective in the creation of many works...
Biomimicry in Architecture

Biomimicry | Inspiring Nature for Architecture

Biomimicry is imitatiting nature and what it designs, in order to find solutions to the problems for human designs. Architects who design the space between nature and people, the places where people live, also benefit greatly from biomimicry.