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Antoni Gaudi | God’s Gift to Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is a famous Catalan architect who lived between 1852-1926. Gaudi is one of the most important exponents of Modernism and Art Nouveau movements. Even though, these movements influenced Gaudi’s architectural style, his...
Frank Lloyd Right life, architecture and buildings

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture | Buildings | Designs

Frank Lloyd Wright is undoubtedly one of the most important architects of modern architecture history and the 20th century. The spread of modernity accelerated in the 20th century, with increasing urbanization, the development of...
Who is Zaha Hadid? Learn Zaha Hadid architecture, life, works, most important projects.

Zaha Hadid Works – Life – Architecture | 10 Important Projects

Zaha Hadid, "Queen of the Curve", the woman steering the architecture... She is a design icon with both her unique style, characteristic features and the new excitement that she brought to the architecture. The...
Works of Le Corbusier, his life, architecture, style and buildings.

Le Corbusier Architecture – Works – Style – Life

Le Corbusier, with his original name as Charles Edouard Jeanneret, was born on October 6, 1887 in a small town in Switzerland. Although we know him with his architecture, he is also a urbanist,...