Megastructures is a construction site TV series

Top 10 Construction TV Shows That You Must Watch in 2023

Construction is a fascinating industry that many people are interested in. It's a comprehensive field that requires a lot of skill, precision and hard...
Temple at Segesta, a Doric peripteral temple example

Peripteral Temple in Ancient Greek Architecture

Peripteral temple, also known as peripteros, is a type of ancient Greek temple characterized by a row of columns surrounding the perimeter of the...
Facts about the architecture of Parthenon

Parthenon of Athens in Acropolis | Facts & Architecture

Architect: Icnitus and CallicratesLocation: Athens, GreeceConstruction years: 447-432 BCStructure material: Pentelic marbleArchitectural style: Doric order Parthenon of Athens is one of the most important landmarks...
What is CLT Cross Laminated Wood System? Building Wooden Skyscrapers and high-rise buildings with the advantages of CLT Panel.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT): A Sustainable & Durable Material

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a durable, versatile, sustainable and cost-effective building material that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is obtained by...
Definition of rhythm in architecture and notable examples of rhythmic designs

Rhythm in Architecture: Finding Harmony in Design

Rhythm in architecture is a design approach that refers to the repetition of patterns, shapes, forms, elements and colors. It contributes to improving the...
5 points of architecture by modernist architect Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier’s 5 Points of Architecture | A Complete Guide

Le Corbusier is one of the most important actors of the 20th century and modern architecture history. The world-famous modernist architect Le Corbusier listed...
Christ Church located in Philadelphia

20 Most Famous Buildings in Philadelphia

Welcome to our extensive guide to the 20 most famous buildings in Philadelphia! Philly, located in Pennsylvania, USA, is a city that has a...
Florence Cathedral, important domes of Renaissance architecture style

Renaissance Architecture Style Characteristics & Examples

In this article, which is based on the Renaissance architecture style, we would like to introduce the most important Renaissance architects and structures after...
Art Villa, an example of Eco Brutalist architecture

Eco Brutalist Architecture: Green Meets Concrete

Brutalist architecture, characterized by its use of raw concrete and functional expressionist attitude, has impacted modern structures as an influential architectural movement since the...
Flatiron, alias Gooderham Building, is among the most famous buildings in Canada

20 Most Famous Buildings in Canada

Canada is a remarkable country that has a rich architectural history and a diverse cultural landscape. There are thousands of notable structures located here...
5 classical architactural orders of ancient architecture in Greece and Rome

5 Classical Architectural Orders of Ancient Greek and Rome

An architectural order is a building system depending on rules and specialized techniques that are used in classical architecture to create columns and entablatures,...
Pazzi Chapel designed by the famous Renaissance architect Flippo Brunelleschi

Pazzi Chapel: A Renaissance Architecture Treasure

Architect: Filippo Brunelleschi (Questionable)Location: Florence, ItalyConstruction year: 1442-1443Structure material: Brick and stonesArchitectural style: Renaissance architecture The Pazzi Chapel, located in Florence, Italy, is a masterpiece...
Perspective view of the Shed NYC Building

The Shed NYC: A Unique Blend of Architecture & Art

Architect: Diller Scofidio + RenfroLocation: Hudson Yards, New York City, USAConstruction year: 2015-2019Structure material: SteelArchitectural style: Kinetic architecture, Avant-garde style The Shed NYC, which was...
Balance in architecture

Balance in Architecture: Achieving Harmony

Balance is one of the most important principles in architecture design as it helps architects create unique structures in terms of both functionality and...
The exterior photo of the famous Brutalist building Centre George Pompidou in Paris designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers

The Centre Pompidou Architecture | Piano & Rogers

Architects: Renzo Piano and Richard RogersLocation: Paris, FranceConstruction years: 1971-1977Structure material: SteelArchitectural style: Brutalist architecture, High-tech architecture The Centre Pompidou or Pompidou Cultural Center, located...
How to become a successful architect? Best tips for architects.

How to Become a Successful Architect? Best 12 Tips

Every architect, including both students and fresh graduates, has certain questions in mind for their future career in architecture. How to become a successful...
Honpukuji Temple, alias Water Temple in Japan, is a great example of minimalist architecture designed by Tadao Ando

Water Temple by Tadao Ando: An Architectural Marvel

Architect: Tadao AndoLocation: Hyogo, JapanConstruction year: 1990-1991Structure material: Reinforced ConcreteArchitectural style: Minimalist architecture Water Temple, designed by famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando in 1989, is...
List of best A1 printer

Best A1 Printer for Large Format Printing Needs | 2023

If you work in some industries like architecture, engineering and graphic design, you probably need big printers for larger format prints. The most common...
The list of most famous buildings in Rome

25 Most Famous Buildings in Rome

Rome has always been the focal point of the western world, with its architectural masterpieces and impressive landmarks built throughout history, from ancient Roman...
What is Brutalist architecture, examples of brutalist architecture

Brutalist Architecture Style Examples & Characteristics

A structure that is designed no mather what its movement is, if it reveals the idea behind it with a good architectural language and successful expression, it always holds its authority and continues to defend itself against every criticisms. Thus, it also makes it possible to find supporters in every period. As a matter of fact, the successful works of Brutalism are still among the most inspired, referenced and visited structures.


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Biomimicry | Inspiring Nature for Architecture

Biomimicry is imitatiting nature and what it designs, in order to find solutions to the problems for human designs. Architects who design the space between nature and people, the places where people live, also benefit greatly from biomimicry.

architecture history

Peripteral Temple in Ancient Greek Architecture

Peripteral temple, also known as peripteros, is a type of ancient Greek temple characterized by a row of columns surrounding the perimeter of the...