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You can submit your projects or type about architectural structures, architects, materials etc. You can convey the information you have obtained from your researches. The content you’ll submit is published with your name and we’ll share them in our social media accounts if they are properly writed. You can share your articles published here via your social media profiles. By this way, you can make reference your articles on your profile and your cv.

1) Your article should be 100% original and contain at least 350 words.

2) The article you want to publish on Archeetect must not have been published on any other platform or site.

3) Duplicate or stolen content, is not published. Your articles will checked for plagiarism and shared when it is concluded that they are original.

4) Any information and visuals you will use in your content should be within the framework of ethical rules. Any responsibility that may arise due to this belongs to the author of the content.

5) The images in the content should not contain copyright and, if any, the sources of both your article and images should be specified. Archeetect reserves the right to edit or change the images.

6) Unqualified content that does not provide sufficient and clear information, any article that does not comply with the spelling rules or contains insults-violence-spam will not be taken into consideration.

7) Archeetect Guest Author Program is a system where your articles will be shared for free. You won’t be charged or paid.

8) It is forbidden to link to your site or another internet page or to advertise any product or service in your articles.

9) Archeetect reserves the right to change these rules, edit your content, not publish your content, remove your content. Archeetect can give external links to your articles, receive sponsorships to your articles or share them in various platforms. By accepting these conditions, you are committed to abiding by the guest writer program and site rules.

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