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Deconstructivism Exhibition organised by MoMA in 1988

Deconstructivism | A Postmodern Architecture

Deconstructivism is the architectural movement of postmodern times that turn upside-down to rules and structural understandings of the modernism. It involves ingredients which looking chaotic, inhabit unbalance and confusion. However, all this unbalances generate...
Architectural elements of ionic order

Ionic Order of Architecture | How to Identify Columns?

Ionic order together with doric and corinthian orders are the most important classical greek orders of architecture. It's regarded to has emerged in the 600s BC. Nike Apteros Temple, known as one of the...
The Sagrada Familia Church

The Sagrada Familia | The Unfinished Church of Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, unfinished church, is one of the most known and unique architectural structures in the world.
One of the most important architectural design is Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye

Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye | 5 Points of Architecture

Architecture has fed on various events, people's way of perceiving life, wars, social rules, traditions, the technology and any type of context throughout history. It consistently has been transformed thanks to this interaction. A...
Corbusierhaus which is an example of Unité d'Habitation and located in Berlin

Unité d’Habitation | Cité Radieuse of Le Corbusier

Unité d'Habitation which is the famous housing project of Le Corbusier, has accomplished to be one of the most effective projects of the architecture history since it designed. In addition, the building has...
3d model of Fallingwater House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater House – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architecture

Fallingwater House is one of the most important structures of modern architecture history. It always takes a good place in the list of my favorite buildings. I don't know will it be an exaggeration...
As the design of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, Pompidou Center in Paris

Pompidou Center | Renzo Piano’s Architecture

Pompidou Center or Pompidou Cultural Centre, located in Paris, is design of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers and one of the most important structure of the city and architectural heritage. To find a good...
Doric Order architectural elements and column order

Doric Order Architectural Elements – Important Classic Orders

Doric order and its architectural elements are one of the classical period elements that we learn in architectural history lessons and we encounter in historical buildings that we see after learning.Doric order and its...
Hagia Sophia architecture and history

Hagia Sophia Architecture – History – Facts

Hagia Sophia architecture… It is one of the most talked about, argued,and perhaps important structures in the world history. A sanctuary of thousands of years, heart of Constantinople,and the headquarters of it; the key...
what is Brutalism in architecture, examples of brutalist architecture

Brutalism Movement in Architecture – Best Examples

A structure that is designed no mather what its movement is, if it reveals the idea behind it with a good architectural language and successful expression, it always holds its authority and continues to defend itself against every criticisms. Thus, it also makes it possible to find supporters in every period. As a matter of fact, the successful works of Brutalism are still among the most inspired, referenced and visited structures.