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Hagia Sophia architecture and history

Hagia Sophia: A Masterpiece of Architecture and Cultural Fusion

Architect: Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of TrallesLocation: Istanbul, TurkeyConstruction year: 532-537Structure material: Stone, MarbleArchitectural style: Byzantine architecture, Ottoman architecture Hagia Sophia is one of the most talked about, argued and important structures in world...
The ancient architecture of Pantheon Temple in Rome

Pantheon: A Timeless Marvel of Roman Architecture

Architect: Emperor Hadrian & Apollodorus of DamascusLocation: Rome, ItalyConstruction year: 118-125 ADStructure material: ConcreteArchitectural style: Ancient Roman architecture The Pantheon, constructed during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD, has tremendous historical...
Gothic church known as Milano Cathedral, alias Duomo di Milano

Gothic Architecture Characteristics & 10+ Examples

Gothic architecture emerged in the 12th century and developed during the medieval period. Characterized by its pointed arches and ribbed vaults, Gothic was a departure from the earlier style, Romanesque architecture. These innovations allowed...
Baroque ceiling fresco example

A Complete Guide to Baroque Architecture: Grandeur & Drama

Baroque architecture is a highly ornate, theatrical and dramatical architectural style that emerged in the late-16th century in Europe. This fancy style is famous for its ornamental decoration, grandeur and monumentality. It is often...
Temple at Segesta, a Doric peripteral temple example

Peripteral Temple in Ancient Greek Architecture

Peripteral temple, also known as peripteros, is a type of ancient Greek temple characterized by a row of columns surrounding the perimeter of the temple structure. It was mostly preferred in buildings used for...
Facts about the architecture of Parthenon

Parthenon of Athens in Acropolis | Facts & Architecture

Architect: Icnitus and CallicratesLocation: Athens, GreeceConstruction years: 447-432 BCStructure material: Pentelic marbleArchitectural style: Doric order Parthenon of Athens is one of the most important landmarks and iconic symbols of ancient Greece. Built in 447-432 BC,...
5 points of architecture by modernist architect Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier’s 5 Points of Architecture | A Complete Guide

Le Corbusier is one of the most important actors of the 20th century and modern architecture history. The world-famous modernist architect Le Corbusier listed 5 principles on which he would base his building designs...
Florence Cathedral, important domes of Renaissance architecture style

Renaissance Architecture Style Characteristics & Examples

In this article, which is based on the Renaissance architecture style, we would like to introduce the most important Renaissance architects and structures after briefly mentioning the birth of the Renaissance and its general...
Art Villa, an example of Eco Brutalist architecture

Eco Brutalist Architecture: Green Meets Concrete

Brutalist architecture, characterized by its use of raw concrete and functional expressionist attitude, has impacted modern structures as an influential architectural movement since the beginning of the 1950s. However, the architectural trend of the...
5 classical architactural orders of ancient architecture in Greece and Rome

5 Classical Architectural Orders of Ancient Greek and Rome

An architectural order is a building system depending on rules and specialized techniques that are used in classical architecture to create columns and entablatures, which are the important parts of structures. Greeks and Romans,...