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5 points of architecture by modernist architect Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier’s 5 Points of Architecture & Modern Examples

Le Corbusier is one of the most important actors of the 20th century and the history of architecture. The world-famous modernist architect Le Corbusier listed 5 principles on which he would base his building...
Rococo style interior design example

Rococo Architecture Style Period | Characteristics & Examples

Coinciding with the end of Europe's great art movements, Rococo showed itself in many branches of art, including architecture, just like other movements. On the other hand, whether Rococo art style is a continuation...
5 classical architactural orders of ancient architecture in Greece and Rome

5 Classical Architectural Orders of Ancient Greek and Rome

Architecture is the most primary reflection of a civilization in the built environment. Each society has created a unique architectural language in accordance with its needs, beliefs, desires and cultures. There are two great...
Maria Laach Monastery is one of the most successful Romanesque structures in Germany

Romanesque Architecture Style Characteristics | 8 Examples

The king of Franks, Charlemagne (742-814), had desired to revive the architecture, design and style of the classical Roman Empire period. In the field of building design, the manifestation of that wishing was Romanesque...
Colosseum in Rome

Ancient Architecture of Rome | Buildings & Characteristics

The Roman Empire, which established one of the greatest civilizations in history, left its mark on history in terms of art, culture, economy and social society. Thanks to its lands spread over 3 continents...
The ancient architecture of Pantheon Temple in Rome

The Architecture of Pantheon Temple in Ancient Rome

Many buildings have been built throughout history, but most of them not remain. Some of them changed the course of history. They did this with their architecture, or with the importance attributed to them,...
One of the Corinthian order temple examples, Maison Carree

Corinthian Order of Classical Architecture | Examples & Facts

The Corinthian order is one of the three main classical orders of ancient architecture. As you know these Greek classical orders are chronological Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders. Then, Romans invented Tuscan and Composite...
Saint Peter Basilica, famous Renaissance example

Renaissance Architecture Style Characteristics & Examples

In this article, which is based on Renaissance architecture style, we would like to introduce the most important Renaissance architects and structures after briefly mentioning the birth of Renaissance and its general architectural features. The...
Facts about the architecture of Parthenon

Parthenon of Athens in Acropolis | Facts & Architecture

The temple, Parthenon of Athens, is one of the most important landmarks of both the architecture history and Greek culture. It was built in 447-432 BC and located in Acropolis of Athens. The Parthenon...
Baroque architectural style interior domes

Essentials of Baroque Architectural Style & Examples

Baroque movement, one of the most important styles of European architectural history, stand out in art fields such as architecture, music, theatre, literature and painting. It has developed and spreaded mostly in between 16th...