The Shed Building NYC by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

The Shed building has become one of the most popular architecture works of recent times. Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Rockfell Group had a major role in the design of the Shed. The outstanding feature of the structure is its shell system moving on rails. The Shed NYC was opened at Hudson Yards in 2019.

Hudson Yards rises upon the train terminal beside Hudson River. It’s a huge area of 28 thousands square meters. The land where the structure located is an important real estate center. So that, there much-taking attention architectural projects designed recent times. The Vessel which designed by Heatherwick Studio next to the Shed is one of these projects.

3d satellite view of the Hudson Yards

The Shed works as the Bloomberg Building’s additional part sprawling over horizontal axis. By this means, It’s possible saying the structure, as a piece of Bloomberg, balances the vertical mass in horizontal context. In addition, It’s adding dynamism to stabile mass of the high skyscraper structure, on horizontal axis. So, the mass moving away from the human scale by rising from the ground, has founding a way to interact with public on ground level.

Perspective view of the Shed Building

The architectural element that provides this effect on ground elevation and create the character of the building is its special shell system. The shell has generated by compounding triangle ETFE panels which are teflon-based polymers. The shell’s material has a high thermal insulation. So it supplies extra thermal isolation for interior spaces when it closed.

Shell material of the Shed structure designed by Diller Scofido

Event Area of the Shed can be enlarged or minimized through the dynamic shell system. This increases the space diversity and enables an open-space when the shell closed up. The carrier of the moving structure is gigantic wheels on rails.

Consequently, the public area in front of the Shed transforms a semi-closed or sometimes fully closed showground by the shell.

The Hearth of the Shed Building: The McCourt

This multipurposes special event scene is named as The McCourt. There are event areas, galeries, a theatre hall and ateliers inside of the building for craftsmans. The project has been designed so flexible in terms of not only physical but also functional. For instance, glass facades looking to the McCourt in the main body, act as a door and window. Additionally, the uplifting of the facade in the ground level makes easier for vehicles to deliver equipments inside. Upper floors facades also can be swiped side. This helps strengthen the relationship between the showground and the building. That enables to watch activities at McCourt from the turbines on the upper floors.

All of the activity and art practises performed at the Shed structure transforms the building at every time. Since the steel structure which in McCourt has left open, all kinds of illumination and ancillary items can be hang on them. That structure acts as a crane at the same time for the big and heavy equipments wanted to carried to upper floors. Movable panels used on the facades of the shell as well. With the aim of retain fluidity on the ground level between event hall and exterior environment, these panels can pulled up. And this will bring the event hall to a semi-open status.

Steel structure of the Shed Building
Steel structure of the Shed Building

Architects designed Hudson Yards on a mantle rising on the terminal. Because of this reason, the Shed building has been located high from street elevation as well. This makes it possible for service vehicles to enter basement of the building from the street level.

Context in Architecture

Architecture finds meaning with its context. The condition of near physical environment is only one part of this context. However, architecture is relevant to not only topography but also all of the economic, political, technological, social and so on subjects of the period closely. Architects are successful to the extent that they can interpret this context and embed it in the code of the space. In this manner, the shed has produced a so effective solution for the dynamic spatial needs of this period with today’s technology.

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